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Me time


Hi I am Steve, the most creative and reliable editor you have ever met. I am also super humble. The humblest. I won't drop names because my mom told me that is bragging so I won't mention that I have worked for Warner Bros, Universal, MRC, Kevin Hart blah blah blah. What I lack in humility I make up for in good looks. I am terrible with words but fantastic at telling stories in visual form - it is how I see, think and interpret the world. 

In 2006 I got my first 'official' job in post-production working as a runner for a post house. The company gave me a van with orange flames on the side to run tapes to Hollywood, Burbank and beyond. As the 2008 recession hit and they went out of business, I started offering audio post services to production companies directly. This led to a Webby back when no one cared (do they now?) and working mostly in branded content for companies like Google, Gap, Nike, Schick, Sony and more. Wanting to get a better understanding of storytelling I applied to and (surprisingly) got accepted to the prestigious Marshall School of Business at USC for a one year masters program in marketing. This would accelerate my desire to tell stories visually and I soon began full production on a various set of projects ranging from toy companies to animation and music videos some of which appeared on nation television. Then out of the blue I got a call for a job I was severely under qualified for at DC Comics. I was tasked with being the only in-house editor WBDN had ever had. Thankfully I was supported by a wonderful team of top notch art directors, designers and producers. Nothing beats working on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (The Holy Trinity). But all good things comes to an end and after 1245098320958 layoffs, the time on my contract  ran out and our division was shuddered. Speaking of things coming to an end, I then did 3 shows at Universal for highly touted but poorly executed Quibi (RIP) before moving on to scripted television, feature and series docs and scripted features. Having the unique range of telling dramatic and often very serious stories (true crime, war) with a strong comedy track record as a superpower wets my whistle and I am always looking to toe the that tonal line perfectly with intense detail. Whew! That was a lot to type. If you are still with me, I owe you a coffee. 

Based in Los Angeles, my wife and I have two incredible and healthy children together and some cats, apparently. I try to give back as much as possible, constantly helping friends (as they have helped me) book new work, and referrals. It is so fun seeing people match up creatively! I volunteer teaching elementary school children editing once in a while and act as a mentor for USC.


I am here to help. My office suite is in Los Angeles so drop in or feel free to reach out directly to discuss your projects, life, music you like or anything else you wish to discuss. Peace and love -SS

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